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Comment 5 hours ago

As much as I troll i have a buddy in the org so I am really rooting for stefanski to keep his job. 

Biggest problem for the Browns is they were bent over backwards in how they structured Watsons contract. Total money is perfectly fine, but by letting him get paid almost nothing in year 1 they have destroyed their future. The cap hit is all backloaded so instead of it being a 5/$230 it’s really a 4/$220. Browns are paying Watson $15M more per year towards the cap than the Bills are paying Josh Allen. 

On top of this they went VERY expensive at RG, LG, and RB. When you throw in the lack of draft picks it all makes roster building a nightmare. 

2023 may be fine because of the salary cap roll over but after that it could be some dark days 

Comment 5 hours ago

I personally don’t think RB is draftable. Don’t disagree about wanting to see somebody else but Mixon is only 26 with 2 years left and a lot of his money being dead. Samaje is 27 and can probably give you a couple more years as RB2 on a cheap deal. 

If Burrow is making $40M you have to be cheap at other places. RB will 100% be a place they go cheap

Comment 5 hours ago

Bengals are about to reach a place where they can’t go sign free agents and the only choice is to resign your big names. It’s going to be VERY hard to build a team. This requires guys on rookie deal to be good starters. 

As we enter this era of Burrow getting paid $40M per year I find it hard to want to spend a 1st rounder on a position of strength. Only way I would draft JSN is if you trade Higgins

Comment 5 hours ago

I’m rooting hard for Fields so I hope it happens but idk who traded up. Seems like the Lions, Seahawks, and Raiders(Brady) plan to move forward with average veterans. Texans, Colts, and Panthers would draft one for sure. And there are 3 QBs if you count Levis. 

Bears need Levis to struggle or another team to enter the draft market for a QB 

Comment 7 hours ago

Say "30 year old Jared Goff will lead us to a superbowl win" to a non Lions fan. We both know what reaction you will get lol. 

Im not hating on the Lions at all, I'm rooting for them to be a good team in the NFC. As a Stroud fan I would prefer he ends up there compared to the other options. As a Bengals fan I can tell you how fun the 2010s were with a really good roster and average QB. Made the playoffs every year, never came close to competing for a superbowl, never came close to being able to draft an elite QB to change things. Dont get caught in QB purgatory.  

Comment 7 hours ago

DJ clearly mentions playmaking and creativity as flaws for Stroud. Now is the Peach Bowl proof of what Stroud will be every game or was it an outlier?  He is also clear that Levis does show everything at some point, just not all the time. He shows, strength, accuracy, athleticism, creativty, playmaking, and size. I think its insane too though its going to be hilarious watching a team blow it on Levis.

Also its not a ranking of QBs DJ just thinks the Colts/Chris Ballard would prefer Levis:

The tape for Levis is a roller-coaster ride. The strong-armed passer showed flashes of brilliance and the ability to avoid pressure and create; he also showed a penchant for turning the ball over (23 picks over his last two seasons). Colts GM Chris Ballard has always valued traits and upside. This pick just feels like a good gamble for Indianapolis.

JSN is interesting for the Bengals because you would be sitting your first rounder once again but is perfect to step in for Boyd. If Malik Wright is to be believed then the plan is to resign Higgins and Chase while letting Boyd/Mixon move on. If thats the case I like Washington as somebody to help boost the run game as a blocker and replace the slot role in the passing game. Ultimately its up to who they want to resign though

Comment 8 hours ago

Bills will be trotting out Dane Jackson and Dean Marlowe as starters in the secondary. Gotta throw it on them boys

Comment 8 hours ago

That healthy Ravens defense was probably the best in the NFL and the only one equipped to shut down our receivers. They with two deep safeties all night you kinda have to run.

They went 12-4 a year after making the superbowl. At what point do we just say the coaches are good and hope we win?

Comment 8 hours ago

I think the math is simple for the Lions. Are you trying to win a superbowl? If so you draft a QB. Are you trying to guarantee you make the playoffs a few times? Then draft a corner.

Only reason you are drafting this high is because of a trade with the Rams. You wont have a top 10 pick for 5+ years and you know Goff isnt going to take you past the divisional round. 

Comment 18 Jan 2023

Cappa still on scooter, no shot but hoping for next week. Jonah off crutches but still limping and can’t run yet. Much more likely to be ready next week but highly doubtful for this week.

Need to bust out the 2021 no OL gameplan lol 

Comment 17 Jan 2023

As a Bengals fan I think it’s perfect, arguably best division in the NFL(history/entertainment wise)

  • In state rivalry with Bengals/Browns and the Steelers/Ravens rivalry. Browns/Ravens rivalry over the franchise leaving. Bengals/Ravens is the most hate fueled game with things like Bart Scott calling for the “red dot.” Bengals/Steelers has been ridiculous with Vontaze Burfict, AB, Roethlisburger getting hurt and having bottles thrown at him, Palmers ACL. Steelers Browns is also a hate matchup

This division doesn’t have huge cities but it’s right at the top for having every team genuinely disliking the other. NFC East is regarded as the best with the combination of huge markets, Superbowls, and hate. NFC North is good too but the Lions are just kinda there 

If Bengals/Browns each had a Super Bowl or two I think it would be without a doubt the best division in the NFL. 

Comment 16 Jan 2023

Jonah is week to week essentially meaning he won’t play this week. Probably a little early for Cappa but who knows. 

I would guess the hope is to have them both back for the KC game 

Comment 16 Jan 2023

Yeah obviously not popular to say but the Bills exploited the situation to essentially get a win out of a game they were losing. League was perfectly fine obliging them. With how much they want to push this Mahomes vs Allen thing I would love to see Burrow beat Allen

But I agree with the thought that it’s hard to expect much more here. Down 3 starting OL and your #1 corner. On the other hand the Bills don’t have both starting safeties along with Vonn Miller 

Comment 16 Jan 2023

Not sure what you do with Jonah. They already picked up his 5th year for $12M but I doubt he could get that on the market. Do you extend him after a mostly crappy year? They have no way of going to get a top free agent they simply don’t have the money. 

But Collins also showed he struggles so I don’t think you want to keep him around. Gonna have to draft an OT I think and we’ve seen how well they draft lineman lol 

Comment 16 Jan 2023

Duke Tobin and the front office deserve so much credit. The young guys were incredible last night

  • DE Josseph Ossai has developed into exactly what we wanted and is a monster pass rusher right now. The last 4 games he is near top of the league in pressure rates. It’s taken him a little bit but he is reaching where we thought he could get to
  • CB Cam Taylor Britt as a late second rounder has filled in as a really solid corner in his rookie year. Can’t overstate how important that is
  • DT Zac Carter similar to Ossai took a few weeks to begin to contribute but man that dude is a nice DT. Definitely showed his athleticism and burst making abunch of plays last night. He was thought of as a pass rushing DT but he used his burst to shoot abunch of gaps in the run game and chase down backs.
  • DL Cam Sample, the broadcast did a great job explaining what they did with him but he turned into a monster run stopper on the edge to stop the Ravens early running success. He’s like the 7th best DL and is making a huge contribution during the playoffs, crazy to have that much depth
  • LG Cordelle Volson was a fourth rounder and may be our best OL right now lol
  • S Dax Hill, yeah I get it the penalties were terrible. But when Apple went down they put Hill at outside corner for a little bit and he gave up 0 completions. What safety has the athleticism to do that lol 
Comment 16 Jan 2023

I think the only problem with playing the Bills is our corners are average/above average and their receivers are elite. Stefan Diggs is a monster and Gabriel Davis turns into Cris Carter in the playoffs. Tough to expect CTB and Apple to do well against that 

Also can’t give them much help because you have to have an extra man in the run game for Allen 

Comment 16 Jan 2023

That Ravens defense is probably the worst matchup for the Bengals offense in the entire league. The talent in that secondary is just insane. Marcus Peters, Marlon Humphrey, Marcus Williams and Kyle Hamilton let’s them have elite dudes everywhere. That’s on top of Patrick Queen and Roquan Smith at LB. 

Bills are missing both starting safeties and has a huge speed issue in their back 7. I imagine next week looks a lot different 

Comment 16 Jan 2023

Zac Taylor and Joe Burrow both move into the franchise record for most playoff wins as a QB and coach. Taylor isn’t even 40 and Burrow is in year 3. 

Bengals win playoff games in back to back years for the first time ever

Special time right now

Comment 16 Jan 2023

Special teams penalties have nothing to do with Dax Hill as a position player lol he is fine it’s a game to learn from