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Comment 20 Dec 2022

Just staying clear of Wednesday's Crootmas blast radius. Site will be covered with high school kids tomorrow.

Comment 15 Dec 2022

Newbie guidance here. It’s about finding what your palate prefers inexpensively and then having a blueprint for what you like so you’re not just buying stuff blindly.

Comment 14 Dec 2022

I currently have Batch 32, the Takumi and a few Jeff Ocean voyages, though not the one on this list. You should be able to order and ship those to your house (I don’t know what Ohio’s rules for that are).

Most of the rest are ghost bourbons, but you can still find plenty of alternatives from some of those distilleries. Barrell does everything so well and it’s easy to get something from them for a reasonable price - I don’t even know how many of those are in my bar right now. Old Fo is all value until you get to Birthday and the 117s. The 1920 is excellent and I’ve seen at the Kroger by CMH. Makers, Bookers, Russell, 4R all make accessible juice, it’s just that this list is largely inaccessible shelf-themed.

The only brand listed that doesn’t make a sub-premium juice of any kind is Kentucky Owl. Those all generally start at north of $100.

Comment 07 Dec 2022

just what the hell does it have to do with the title "Choosing Violence" ?

It was called “title” until yesterday. That part is usually the last thing I do before publishing. I didn’t know what to call it, so I just cherry-picked from the column.

Rumors and facts start to sound like each other. Choosing to be opaque before a fiercely-attentive audience is choosing violence.

Comment 30 Nov 2022

Ramzy: I enjoy reading you. However, this story is waaaayyyyy too long. It's redundant.

Good news, part 2 runs tomorrow.

Comment 30 Nov 2022

It was originally a different sentence and I missed this in the editing. Negative is an extra word, it’s been deleted.

Comment 30 Nov 2022

Day not being from Ohio has nothing to do with him losing 2 games. People here love to spout the bullshit of "non-Ohio guys not getting it" like it means anything.


RAMZY: We've lazily blamed not being from Ohio in the past for being ignorant to how different this rivalry is, but anyone can convert to this religion. Earle Bruce didn't grow up in Ohio. Francis Schmidt was from Kansas!

Maurice Hall’s TD was his 78th carry of that season. Tyvis Powell started every game in 2013 at FS. Dwayne Haskins had to enter the game in 2017, he became the starter that afternoon. Cardale Jones had to enter the game in 2014, he became the starter that afternoon. Olave was the fifth receiver in 2018 behind Campbell, Hill, Dixon and McLaurin and had as many targets that game as Luke Farrell, they were just more memorable in a strategy that used Michigan’s insistence on playing man against it.

I usually don’t comment on posts like this but it’s hysterical that you think you put more thought into your extremely dumb comments than I did into this article.

Comment 17 Nov 2022

Here is everything I’ve written and published going back to the 2022 season preview.

I’ve been critical of special teams. I’m not seeing or recalling any other negativity from me? I love this year’s team. I’m also never going to coach any 11W writer or poster away from having their own opinion about the team - we don’t do that here. If I or anyone else has a take that sucks, we own it. It’s ours.