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Comment 14 Jan 2023

I was at the game and noticed it. Neutral site my butt. They were throwing that crap right in our faces. Their band also played clear up to when the ball was snapped. 

Comment 30 Dec 2022

My wife and I are wearing our customized Black Ohio Jerseys

Comment 07 Sep 2021

You don’t need a dominate offense or defense. You need an offense that is diverse. Run the ball when you need to or throw it to come back. You need a defense that can be dominant but more of a bend but don’t break. Look at the Oregon teams under Chip, they were all offense but got destroyed on defense. 

If I was pushed to the max I would say a dominant offense, that way you can come from behind and win and hope your poor defense gets lucky here and there. With a bad offense, you have no chance to beat the elite. 

Comment 10 Jan 2021

I just hope we can keep him. What’s the plan, Stroud starts next year or McCord starts next year??? I can’t see this kid sitting for 2 years. Does he flat out beat McCord and Stroud??? I personally see him as a Trevor Lawrence type player. He is not a Swick or Martel. I’m just trying to figure out who takes over after Fields which will be Stroud or McCord then Ewers comes in. 

Comment 03 Nov 2020

Our backup DB's were highly recruited. They have to be able to stand on their own two feet at some time. Being thrown into the fire is not that bad of an idea. We always say we got great recruiting classes well, now is the time for those 3, 4, and 5 star players to shine. You don't come to Ohio State to develop, you come to Ohio State because you are developed and can be ready to play if called upon.

Comment 28 Oct 2020

Buster Howe. Zanesville High School. First Mr. Football. All American DB but was single wing do it all. 

I have to mention Nate Davis. Look him in up in the OHSAA record book for football and basketball. Nobody put up numbers like he did in two sports. 

Comment 20 Oct 2020

I wonder what these former athletes are doing now. How much are they making at their job? Are they not successful at their careers and blaming Iowa for that? 

Comment 13 Oct 2020

Harrison Jr. is going to be better than his star status. Big, strong WR with improved speed. I have played college football, coached college football, and coached a player who got drafted and had a very nice NFL career, and all I will say is... Harrison Jr. comes from GOOD STOCK. Forget the star rankings and position rankings. 

Comment 21 Nov 2019

Played at Bishop Rosecrans in Zanesville. Played college ball at Defiance. Coached at Clarion University. Football is high end impact. In college you see guys who never saw the field but could hit like a freight train. Football is the ultimate team sport. If it were easy, there wouldn’t be a band, no offense to band members, but everyone would play football if it was easy. I had several concussions in college, 4 of them. They are not fun and the night in the hospital is worse. 

Comment 23 May 2019

Hey Brutus, I really didn't care for the comment: That would be pathetic at DI level, but I kinda get it D3, where it’s basically just like intramurals. Did you ever play college ball? If no, then you have no idea how hard it is. It is not intramural ball. If you did play college, then you must not have seen the field or worked very hard. I get so sick of tired of people thinking D3 is easy and anyone can do it. That is really a slap in the face and I don't appreciate it and I am sure others on here that played D3 ball don't appreciate it either. 

Comment 09 Sep 2018

The reasons guys dropped balls when JT threw it was because receivers didn’t trust JT to place the consistently where it needed to be. 

I was a QB in high school and 3 year starting WR in college... I can tell you this, Zach Smith didn’t teach receivers how to get open and work a DB. You could see it in press coverage, no freeze step, no problem Punch and rip, no “TopGun”(run straight vertically and hit the breaks for DB to go by and receiver comes underneath, running an out route and lining up 10 from hash instead of 3 yards outside when ball is on opposite hash. Little things, getting DB to turn hips, stalk block and go. The DBs knew when we were throwing and running the ball. With the athletes we have at WR, there is no team that has that many DBs to cover them. Zach could recruit but couldn’t coach the position.